To Ion, Regarding Absolute Clear

Hi, Ion.  I cannot connect though “adding comments” to your post that Lana L. published on Absolute Clear.  I want to reply: this is the only way I can make it happen.

Good write-up, Ion. Long ago I cognited that “absolutes are unattainable” applied to the physical universe, the universe as we know it as matter, energy, space and time. It doesn’t apply to anything outside of that. The State of Clear exists outside of MEST, and is only measured by (seen by others) as having achieved a certain cognition, having good results on the OCA and I.Q. tests and by wearing a Clear bracelet. Since Clear exists outside of the MEST universe, as in “Theta the creator” one can postulate that a stability has been achieved that is permanent and thus it is so.

I don’t know that any Clear has postulated that his state was “absolute” so I don’t know how this came to be a problem/point of interest, but it did for many. Most clears I have talked to consider themselves as having achieved a certain point on the Classification, Gradation and Awareness Chart, which is agreed upon as “Clear”. That is objectively.

Subjectively postulates vary with the experience of going Clear, for the experience is different person to person. There may be added abilities along with the state of Clear that are in addition to the state of Clear. An example of that is when I went Clear one way I knew I was Clear was I could think any thought without a counter-intention automatically appearing in my space. Of course I was the creator of my own mental matter, energy, space and time, along with other Clears, but others may have had their own awareness of ability achieved with removal of the bank that may be different than mine.

Perhaps the EP of Clear could stand some work, because all Clear states are not the same. MEST Clear, Theta Clear, Dianetic Clear, Goals Clear, Step-Six Clear, Clearing Course Clear are not the same state of clear even if LRH has said “Clear is clear is clear” then writes C/S 73RB showing that at least Dianetic Clear and Clearing Course Clears are handled differently. I rather think that Ron was just tired of the hassle and questions over what clear is what. From his view would it matter except as to the procedure in moving them up the bridge?

In my view, Clear is a stable state. I went 50 years without a cold, just as in first book “clears do not have colds.” Of course, that happened because I read first book, had run out birth and “the weeper” and agreed to what were supposedly the qualities of clear. I did not dream for a year–but, having missed I decided I could and would dream again, and it made me no less clear. I realized after 50 years that part of the reason I did not have colds was because I had agreed that clears don’t have colds. Having viewed that I have had a couple of colds in recent years, but it doesn’t invalidate my state of Clear.

Some people want to be OT and move mountains or be able to create great effects. I just want to be the clearest clear I could ever be. Sanity is what I would like to propagate. Of course, “sanity” and “absolute sanity” are two different things. One is, the other isn’t. Clear is, absolute Clear isn’t. There is however, a stable state of Clear. From there one can become “less clear” or “more clear” by postulate should one wish to. That is the only way I can figure out David Mayo’s “harmonics of Clear.” When self-determinsim is restored (clear) it is all a matter of postulate from there on out.

Pat Krenik